DEGALAN® is used as a binder in a large number of different applications, such as printing inks, concrete paints, marine paints and container coatings, low-odor interior paints, metal coatings, plastics coatings, PVC top coats and exterior paints.

With production sites in Shanghai and Wesseling, Röhm belongs to one of the largest producers of methacrylate-based coating raw materials in Europe. With a new site in Shanghai, China, Röhm is strengthening its position as one of the leading suppliers of methacrylate- based raw materials for coatings in Asia, too. A global distribution network of qualified contact persons is available to take your requests.

Our products are used mainly in

  • marine and container paints
  • road markings
  • metal coatings
  • plastic coatings
  • architectural paint
  • ceramic transfer lacquers