Röhm has been developing acrylate- and methacrlate-based raw materials for coatings since the 1930s. These developments have led to the production of acrylic polymers that can be supplied as solutions, or solids. These grades are well established in the paints and coatings industry for decades now.

With production sites in Darmstadt, Shanghai and Wesseling, Röhm belongs to one of the largest producers of methacrylate-based coating raw materials in Europe. With a new site in Shanghai, China, Röhm is strengthening its position as one of the leading suppliers of methacrylate-based raw materials for coatings in Asia, too. A global distribution network of qualified contact persons is available to take your requests. Röhm offers a wide range of DEGALAN® binders.

Our products are used mainly in

  • marine and container paints
  • road markings
  • metal coatings
  • plastic coatings
  • architectural paint
  • ceramic transfer lacquers

DEGALAN® products perform convincingly in all applications that call for extreme weather resistance, colorfastness, and brilliance. In cooperation with its customers, Röhm develops new products for innovative applications. These joint developments lead to new coating raw materials tailored to the needs of individual end-customers.